VA - Daydreaming and Sleepwalking (2020)
VA - Daydreaming and Sleepwalking (2020)
Artist: VA
Title: Daydreaming and Sleepwalking
Year Of Release: 2020
Label: 56 Stuff - FSST055
Genre: Electronic, Beats, Hip-Hop, Glitch, Chiptune
Quality: lossless (tracks)
Total : 43:24
Total Size: 259 mb

1. Printempo - Terry (04:00)
2. Drowzy - Apagar (03:14)
3. Denis Davidov - Autumn in July (05:06)
4. Frayhm - heart; Feelingly (04:38)
5. Livid - Moving at My Own Pace (05:48)
6. Yellowhead - Lovesong Souchong (03:42)
7. Cycle Hiccups - Bowery (04:32)
8. Zachary Beans - Into That (02:11)
9. Mechanical Witch - Glamour (06:16)
10. Zimmer-G - January (03:57)

It is a usual practice nowadays to consume music as some sort of supplement for various mundane activities. There are playlists for working, compilations for pilates, mixes for chilling, streams for cooking, and so on. As you know, we are crazy about hot topics and trendy things. We are totally nutty over all that stuff! So, consider us fashion-following, healthy-living, eco-friendly and so on. As well as self-ironic.

Anyway, this is our contribution to the seductive world of perfectly targeted tunes - a selection of tracks which will come in handy during many events of frequent occurrence. For example, it's irreplaceable when you stand in your bedroom without realizing this. Or when you fantasize about having a nice personal chat with your favorite famous scientist.

Wait no more and fall asleep or start dreaming! There is no need to sleep deep and dream big, just do not forget to press the play button beforehand.
VA - Daydreaming and Sleepwalking


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